The Wedding Crashers

Did this quicky for my friend's venture "The Wedding Crashers". :)
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First post of '18

Did this in between work. Some serious swag in here.
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Finished watching "Punisher" couple of days ago. Fan art I did in between work.
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Book cover

Book cover I did for one of my friend's upcoming short fiction book "Uchchonney Jawar Raastaye"(Road to Haywire). Text part will be handling by somebody else. Book will be available at upcoming Kolkata Book Fair. :) 
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Made this for this month's Character Design Challenge in Facebook but guess what, I missed the deadline.

Here's the "Demon" character I've made for this month's topic. Hope you guys like it. :)
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Mayweather vs McGregor fight poster

* A million dollar fight*

Too bad the match is over and I'm putting it now. I'm a huge combat sports fanatic and I've been waiting for this fight to happen for ages. Two biggest individuals in combat sports faced each other and delivered an amazing fight. Heartiest congratulations to Floyd Mayweather for winning and setting a remarkable career of 50-0 but hands down to Mcgregor for showing balls to face him on his den.
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